Our estate is situated just outside Marathopoli, 180m away from the main road to Pilos.  It is an airy and hospitable place where visitors will have a relaxing time, to get treated with traditional refreshments and see or buy my creations.   There is an exhibition of hand crafted designs, for decoration, boats, clocks, mirrors, frames, ornaments. The materials chosen are also of great variety.  Driftwood, metals, bolts, canvas, ropes etc.   My object is the creation of beautiful handcrafts from recycleable  and common materials.

At the estate we organize projects for the young and old, with acts of artistic interest and yoga retreats.    

Alternative accommodation is offered with staying in big canvas tentips. 


For any information do not hesitate to contact us by email info@skiaxtro.gr 

You can also order by phone or ask for related inf at  +30 6937840077 (Monday – Saturday 09.00 – 17.00 )