The Skiaxtro Eco Farm estate has been built with love, creativity and appreciation to nature so that it offers the visitors relaxing moments and beautiful memories.

Handmade Creations Workshop & Exhibition

Skiaxtro eco farm is evolving upon the vision of Alexandra to be a place that people create with materials & emotions!
Handmade creations come from recycled & useless materials, like driftwood found by the beach, old metallic things, ropes. She gives new life to these materials creating art crafts and useful things, like watches, clocks, mirrors, lamps, frames, jewelry. If you are looking for a seminar of handmade craft work , let us organize private or group workshops and recreation thematic sessions for kids.

Art crafts in the most inspiring environment.


Playing and creating…

Ecological Tour in the Estate

If you are looking for some recreation time for kids let us drive you to a wonderful tour into the estate. A route to all the elements that constitute the place: olive trees, animals, vegetable gardens, herbs, fruits. An unforgettable experience that combines play and knowledge.

Playing with the Scarecrow.

We learn everything about the estate.

Experiences in Nature

Skiaxtro eco farm hosts social events and  gatherings, parties, speeches, artistic activities, and every other occasion that respects nature and the surrounding area.
Feel free to contact us to arrange  a lifetime experience.

For special cases…

For unique cases…

Yoga Deck. Yoga Retreats. Tentipis

You can hire our brand new wooden Yoga deck (72 sq.m.) that accommodates up to 20 people. Enjoy silence, shadow from the trees, serene view. Yoga teachers & clubs are welcome to organize Yoga retreats, including overnights in 2 tentipis /canvas tents. Groups up to 12 people can be accommodated in Skiaxtro eco farm. Vegan food catering on request otherwise you are free to cook your own menu, collecting fresh vegetables from our garden.
If you are looking just for alternative nature  vacations, rent our tentipis & feel the privilege to live alone in the eco farm!

Yoga in nature.

A unique experience.

We built your dream scenery.

Three hammocks are waiting you under the trees for the absolute relaxation…

Relax while playing.

A place where the fairy tales get a different dimension…

Our vegetable gardens.

And when the night comes enjoy the colors, the smells, the sounds…

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