First Festival of Ecological Seminars at Skiaxtro Eco Farm!

Marathopoli Messinia- 21, 22 and 23 of July 2019



At a place where the imagination, the contact with the nature and the love for creation are endless…

At a lively place created with affection, able to host creative activities as a way out through art and handmade designs

At the Skiaxtro eco farm in Marathopoli we organize a 3 day colorful fiesta of art. The participants will use recycled or useless materials to design their own masterpieces which can then use as a decoration to their homes or as fanciful presents. Most importantly they will acquire a new skill for designing beautiful objects from materials that would normally be thrown away. A unique experience to remember from this summer!

Because creativity and recycling are not just useful activities but a means of life.


– Imprinting nature

– Become a Gaudi for a day

– Weaving the moments


Imprinting nature


The aim of this seminar is to express our creative anxieties dealing with each ornament as a sculpture.

Our estate or a quick walk in nature will inspire us to create ornaments that will not only represent our own imprint but the nature’s imprint also

Earth and water mix with our “valuable” findings for a very personal and unique result.



Become a Gaudi for a day…


Thousands of years ago, the mosaic art was born out of the human need to decorate their surroundings. We often come across stunning mosaic art from various periods of time past and various civilizations. Somewhere in that journey we find the imaginatively personal style of Gaudi, who getting inspired from plants and animals he designed his own language of architecture. One of the characteristics of this architecture is the pioneering technique of the “trencadis”, the unique mosaics covering the structural forms of his buildings.

Except the promotion of the architecture that respects the nature, Antony Gaudi was a pioneer in ecological construction . This is why he developed a technique that allowed the recycling and re-use of materials.

The aim of this seminar is to use ecological mosaics using broken tiles, cells, stones, buttons and glasses giving them the opportunity for a second life. Leaving the seminar you will get your your own creation to give another color to your vacations and not only!

Weaving the moments…


Weaving is one of the oldest arts that we know of since the Homer’s epics.

Weaving branches or canes rooftops were made, baskets and bridges were designed. Later the first fabrics were weaved from natural fibers.

Knowing the secrets of the weaving art, that is the art of motion, imagination and memory gives us the ability to understand the essence of human creation.

The aim of this workshop is the creation of small woven objects and the simultaneous extension of the weaving ability. Most importantly we shall be able to recognize the combination possibilities of the apparently irrelevant materials.

Let’s make improvised looms and weave together beautiful moments from your vacations!

Programme of the seminars:

Imprinting nature: Sunday 21 of July 2019

Become a Gaudi for a day: Monday 22 of July 2019

Weaving the moments..: Tuesday 23 of July 019

The seminars “Imprinting nature” and “Weaving the moments” are aimed also to kids from 8 years old. Places are restricted. Depending the demand there will be groups in the mornings (10.00 – 13.00) and in the afternoons (18.00 – 21.00) for kids and adults. For reservations and information contact at +30 6937840077 or send an e-mail at


Participation in one seminar: 40€
Participation in two seminars: 70€
Participation in three seminars: 90€

All the materials of the seminars are included in the price. The participants will take their creations.

Also, ice tea, beverages and snacks will be offered. Parking is available.

Introductor: Stavroula Kaziale.

Stavroula Kaziale is a Visual Artist and Αrt Jewelry Designer based in Greece.

She studied Graphic Design and Animation at Athens TEI. She graduated from the Fine Arts School of Athens studying Painting and Engraving.

After thirteen years working in the field of advertising she focused on her artwork and the creation of sculptural jewelry. She also teaches at Primary and Secondary Education. Since 2005 she has presented four solo exhibitions and has participated in several group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Some of her artworks belong to the ACG art Collection, the collection of the Fine Arts School of Athens, the Jewelery Museum Elias Lalaounis, the West University of Timisoara / Faculty of Arts & Design, Romania, the Center for Textile Research / University of Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as in private collections. She has also presented two solo Sculptural Jewelry exhibitions and has taken part in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her jewelry has been chosen by designers and photographers for Catwalks, Editorials, and photographs published in Greece and abroad. She has presented workshops at Lalaounis Jewelery Museum, Athens, at conferences of the Union of Αrt’s Teachers, at the State Museum of Contemporary Art-Moni Lazariston, Thessaloniki.

Her artςορκ includes mainly sculptures and in situ installations, that reflects her anxiety about environmental awakening through Art. She cooperates with visual art teams such as Tidal Flow Art and We 33, working on interactive collaborative projects, seeking a sustainable balance between man and nature.