Discussion with a Psychologist - Psychology Seminars

Who said that a conversation with a psychologist should take place exclusively in an office? In our beautiful farm, away from the pressure of daily routine we ​​have the opportunity to experience the psychological communication in a different and direct way. Under the shade of pines and olives we discuss any matter that concerns and interests you. Come and let us talk in a relaxing atmosphere and a peaceful environment by the sea.

In collaboration with 4Κ Consulting.


An alternative option for those who wish to attend a session with a more defined context, you can participate, individually or with your friends, in seminars of your choice. From a series of topics already prepared, select the one you prefer for an interactive presentation. We cherish the tranquility of our holidays in nature and at the same time we get informed over some very interesting issues. Let’s see three of them:

1. Little psychological secrets to limit tensions in the relationship.

2. Dreams and senses: How does the complexity of dreams relate to our way of thinking and living? Is there any relation between our personality and our dreams? What types of people have a better recollection of their dreams?

3. Useful techniques to better adjust and manage the unexpected changes in our lives.

In collaboration with 4K Consulting. Ask for further information and themes of seminars.

To book a place call +30 6937840077 or +30693923143 or send a message to info@skiaxtro.gr