As part of the four-day retreat for children and companions that will take place at Skiaxtro Eco Farm, a psychology seminar will be held on the emotional expression of children addressed to parents and guardians.
Do we give our child time and space to express what he is feeling? Do we emphasize and pay attention to the interpretation of the codes with which he communicates his concerns, fears, insecurities?
In this seminar we will discuss methods with whom we can
i. help our child express his feelings and concerns in a more direct way,
ii. help ourselves understand better our own feelings than those of our child,
iii. achieve more effective communication with our child.
Speaker Christian Vrachas - Psychologist
(Along with the psychology seminar, children can also engage creatively in an ecological tour, with play, treasure hunting, gardening and training!).
Participation for the seminar
Cost of participation of the child in the ecological tour: 15 €. Discounts are provided for families or groups.
The seminar will take place at Skiaxtro Eco Farm, in the dense shade of pine trees and will include cool treats.