Skiaxtro Eco Farm was born from Alexandra's vision for an ecological estate where visitors can experience harmonious outdoor living, company with animals, trees, plants, soil, sun. All this combined with inspiration and creativity.

She started in 2015 with love and imagination and set up her handicraft workshop there. She then turned her showroom into a room in an old stone house. At the same time she ran all the agricultural works of the estate and shaped it. Then she opened the space and invited her friends and lovers of handicrafts to visit and get to know her workshop up close. The response was enthusiastic and breathed new life into the hostess's vision. With stubbornness and a lot of work, the place has now become a destination for multiple activities, even with the possibility of spending the night in Beel Tents.

The experience in the ecological farm 'discharges' the adult visitor from the pressure of the intense life of the cities, while at the same time the place is the most ideal and suitable place for safe play & creative employment of children.

"… My name is Alexandra and I am the one who moves the Skiaxtro's hands. I live in Western Messinia. My studies and my many years of service were anything but related to handicrafts! Economics, accounting, offices, banks. Twenty years… Handicrafts have been my secret passion. Until…

...Until one day the time came. I turned the wheel, changed course and moved on to other paths, interesting, charming but completely unknown. In this new career I reconciled with my worries and insecurities and discovered the wonderful world of creation. So the Skiaxtro (Scarecrow) was born. To remind me that what I fear can be friendly, generous, generous and lively… ”